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It's Halloween Flash Time!

Dates available for October - December 2023

The appropriate time of year for my favorite pre-drawn subject matter rolls around once again!

I've got 17 drawings for your spooky season consideration.  It rarely happens, but should multiple folks want the same design, I will do alternate colorways to keep each person's tattoo unique.

I will book you for a spot as soon as I can - depending on the volume of responders, you may not get your tattoo in October .. but I promise you'll be booked as fast as possible!

Claim your favorite below.  If you're interested in multiples, just call those additional choices out in the notes field below.

Happy Halloween!


As with all predrawns, I am happy to make minor modifications to your chosen design to best fit your personal choice (make it black & grey, minor alterations to color / flourishes, etc.).  Please specify those needed changes in the notes field below:

I will typically get responses to requests out within a week of your submission.  Please check your spam / junk folders for my response. 

Thanks for your request!

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