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Request a custom tattoo

Currently booking for July/August 2024

If we’ve worked together before, you may be able to get in sooner - feel free to check in with me at   

Tattoo appointments are between 2 and 6 hours in length per session.  

I am always happy to book multiple sessions if you find 6 hours is too long to sit for a larger piece.  

I will not book custom pieces which take less than 2 hours to complete

If possible, I prefer to hold consultations for your tattoo in person.  If we book, I will collect a $100 deposit to hold your appointments on my calendar.  If you are coming to visit me from out of town, please let me know in the form submission below and we'll make special arrangements to hold a video chat consultation instead.

I’m especially interested in new projects such as:

  • Linework-heavy designs 

  • Occult, symbolic, religious, mythological or scientific subject matter

  • Realistic animals, flowers or insects

  • Neo-traditional anything

  • Retro or vintage style designs

  • Unusual or funny designs


I look forward to hearing more about your ideas below.

Upload File

I will typically get responses to requests out within a week of your submission.  Please check your spam / junk folders for my response. 

Thanks for your request!

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